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"The intention of The Golden Thread is to reconnect the individual to the divinity within themselves. To replace isolation and distraction with enchantment and wonder.  


The Golden Thread stimulates the power of our imagination by taking us back to an animistic world, awakening our instinctual need to believe

in the secret soul within.

Each chapter of our story reflects the potential inner light of transcendence,

The Golden Thread reconnects us back to the world of the unconscious where shines the source of this light, i.e. The Daimons. 

The Golden Thread libretto is partly adapted from the literary works of the Welsh, Hanes Taliesin by Elis Gruffydd, the Greek, Myth of Er, by Plato and the 10th century Irish text, Buile Shuibhne." 


~Dalrymple MacAlpin

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The Theatrical

debut of  The Golden Thread by Dalrymple MacAlpin was produced by Paul Emery and had its world premiere in Nevada City, California, February 3rd, 2024 at the 

Nevada Theater.

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From initiation to transformation, The Golden Thread is spun in the spirit of a mystical, mythical variety show spectacular. A multi-media immersive experience encompassing music, marionettes, dance, shadow puppet film projections and theatrical storytelling.


Travel to ancient Wales and experience the shapeshifting magic of Taliesin after he imbibes the three blessed drops of inspiration from Ceridwen's cauldron. Behold the Moirai, the Greek Fates as they spin the thread of your destiny and sing the spells of fortune and luck. Open your mind & shake out the silly tension with Dortchen Wild's cutting-edge meditation techniques. Join in with Rumpelstilzchen's interactive seance as we part the veil between the worlds and make contact with a surprising entity in the



The Golden Thread knits a song and weaves a dance, it stitches a story and spins a yarn.

Each thread weaves into the next, creating a cohesive statement which says:

In order to transform your reality you must first remember your destiny. 


The Golden Thread Cast

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Dortchen Wild


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DJ Tele-Grimm-Gram


Dalrymple MacAlpin





Chuckling Crow

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