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Not just featherless bipeds with two hands each, Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons exist in multiple forms and dimensions. Mystical puppet rock opera storytellers? Certainly. Sorcerers of the psychic dreamscape? Absolutely. Alter-ego comic book superheroes; waging war against the soulless eradication of personal godhood? Unquestionably.


These pathfinders exist alongside their fellow collaborators for a singular purpose:

To transform and align the stars of individual human consciousness with the primeval guardian spirits known as the Daimons.

We are a multi-media musical theatre ensemble inhabiting myriad dimensions, tonal sonorities and genres of artistic expression including, music, puppetry, storytelling, film projections, dance and poetry. 

Each performance seeks to simultaneously educate, inspire and entertain. The transformational power and archetypal language of myth immerse the audience on an interactive participatory journey, akin to the initiation practices of the mysteries.


The ensemble is led by singer/composer/ puppeteer/storyteller/playwright,

Dalrymple MacAlpin: vocals, piano, guitar, synthesizer and harp. MacAlpin is supported by a cast of both humans and puppets.



Utilizing the divine electricity that courses through the cosmic fields of active imagination, Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons believe that: Today is the first day of the rest of your mythology. The ensemble derives their name from the Greek word for provider of destiny.


“There was a Daimon in me and in the end its presence proved decisive.”
                                    ~Carl Jung


Rumpelstilzchen, Dortchen Wild, The Mad Grackle, DJ Tele-Grimm-Gram and Ceridwen  who contribute stories, songs, poetry and musical incantations. 



Oroborus: drums, gongs and percussive oddities. Chuckling Crow: upright/electric bass, conga. Rotes Erdherz Kupferkatze: tenor sax, vibraphone, theremin.



Angela Holm: live video projections. Benjamin Milner: sound and effects.  Mistress Nimble Thimble: costumes. Pam Hodges: stage/set design and graphics. Stephanie Moellman: lighting and special effects. 

Who We Are

Dalrymple macalpin

From the dawn of his career in Detroit Michigan, singer and multi-instrumentalist Dalrymple MacAlpin has been viewed as both an elusive madcap and an ever-devout scholar of sound. Experimenting, innovating and redefining his artistry for over two decades, MacAlpin's recorded output is a voluminous anthology consisting of eight studio albums, three musical theatre productions and a one-man storytelling epic. Throughout his various creative disciplines, MacAlpin continually reinvents his characteristic approach to singing, song-writing, puppetry and the unconventional interpretation of his signature instruments, the piano, synthesizer, guitar and harp.


After recording his first album, March To The Sun in 2001, MacAlpin moved to the Northern California gold-rush town of Nevada City where he founded the psych-folk ensemble, Lasher Keen. MacAlpin wrote, recorded and released six Lasher Keen albums between the years 2006 and 2015 on record labels, Pesanta Ur-folk and Crystal Cave Records. After disbanding the group in 2016, MacAlpin released the double LP/stage production, Make Believe in 2019. 


Throughout Europe and America, MacAlpin's live shows have found him collaborating with artists such as: Terry Riley,  John Ames, Motoko, Antonio Rocha, Bonnie Prince Billy, Faun Fables, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, In Gowan Ring, Dawn McCarthy, The Edmund Welles Quartet, Mellissa Auf Der Maur,  Oz Fritz,  Jeremey Cohen and many others. 

MacAlpin has toured throughout the US and internationally,  performing at notable festivals and venues including, Noise Pop Festival, Café Du Nord in San Francisco, The New Parrish in Oakland CA, The Northwest Folklife Festival, The Sierra Storytelling Festival, Stella Natura, Thirst For Light,  The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, CA, The Star Theater in Portland, OR and the oldest running play house west of the Mississippi, the historic Nevada Theatre in Nevada City, CA.


Inspired by Irish/Celtic and Germanic literature, MacAlpin wrote, directed and scored, The Middle Kingdom, in 2015, based on the Irish myth, Tochmarc Etaine and Make Believe in 2019, based on the nineteenth century Sisters Wild, who lived next door to the preeminent folklorists, the Brothers Grimm. 

MacAlpin developed a one-man theatre show in 2020, Illumination Tales: Poetic Magic From Ancient Ireland, Stories and Songs of Finn mac Cumhaill. This intimate bardic odyssey caters to a more personal facet of MacAlpin's artistic spirit, culling together the myriad forms of his storytelling and song craft into a cohesive and exhaustively researched storytelling saga.  

MacAlpin formed the ensemble, Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons in 2022 and debuted his 4th stage production, The Golden Thread: A Mystical Puppet Rock Opera in February 2024. 

MacAlpin, along with his wife, son, six cats and an odd assortment of shape-shifting, daimonic muses has made a home for himself in The Dream Factory, a private studio located in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. 

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