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Award Winning Japanese Storyteller

Dalrymple is a storyteller of singular grace and charm, someone we must embrace and celebrate.

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Oz Fritz
Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer

Some theater offers an Initiation, some seeks to entertain, Dalrymple does both. He very explicitly offers the key to magic.

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Dawn McCarthy
Drag City Recording Artist, Faun Fables

A modern Bard, who hears the stroies told in the wind, who gathers magic from olden days and gifts the audience with it.

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Sands Hall
Author, Playwright, Director 

Magical and Immersive, Dalrymple is a Bard, he offers beauty, wit, music and lot's of humor.

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Tenali Hrenak
Producer, Radio Host

Dalrymple's creativity is as expansive and mighty as an ancient oak. 

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Charles Schneider

Dalrymple weaves a bewitching gold for which this world hungers.

Album Reviews

"One of the most beautiful flute and string duets
in the history of music.

~African Paper
"A wandering minstrel show in an alternate universe."
~Know Deposit Know Return
"Sounds like children chanting around some kind of ominous circle"
~Pitch Perfect
"Wonderfully unusual, musically supreme, refreshingly original"
~Stereo Stickman
Screen Shot 2024-05-19 at 1.56.16 PM.png
"Superior to any Zeppelin Ever-moring I have ever heard."
"Is this The Incredible String Band channeling Rick Wakeman?"
~Heathen Harvest
"The senses become tangeld in a web of misty dreams."
~The Union
 "Adding a slightly modern edge to important pieces of the past."
~Black Metal and Brews
Screen Shot 2024-05-19 at 1.56.28 PM.png
 "Shows us the things left in this world worth celebrating with ecstatic mirth. Lose yourself and join in the dance."
~Heathen Harvest
"The ultimate Psych-Folk wonder."
~Markus Wolff
"It is a form of celebration and reverence towards the world itself."
~Black Metal and Brews
Screen Shot 2024-05-19 at 1.56.37 PM.png
"There is depth, subtlety, awareness, integrity, intelligence and passion in this work."
~Punk Retrospective
"The Rhythms and melodies on this record are so captivating, I can't stop listening."
~Krumbled Kookie
"Every song is like getting a birthday present."
~Plague Haus


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