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Electric Nature

Welcome back my fine fellowship of friends, the time has come again to imbibe the cool waters of, The Craneskin Bag. This is a very special edition as it marks the one-year anniversary of beginning the blog last May in 2020. Yes, this is the 13th new moon since we first encountered one another all those months ago. It also marks the last, yes the last Craneskin Bag I will be posting. Before you get too startled by this abrupt news allow me to explain~


Since our last encounter within the bag I have undergone a tremendous spiritual, physical and mental rebirth. This year so far has been one of great healing for me as I delved within the cupboard of my psyche and found my neglected demons foaming at the mouth and needing to be embraced and released. I realized I have been existing within a vacuum of remote space, far removed from the world at large, alive, but with no connection between myself and humanity. During this time I began reading a book, How The Occult Saved Rock and Roll, in it the author proposes a definition of magic as,

“Having one foot in the past and one foot towards the future.”

Something about this sentence really stood out to me and I began to see that for my entire artistic and personal life I have existed by having both of my feet planted firmly and often times stubbornly in the past. I was unconcerned with contemporary culture, uninterested in technology, unenlightened by the present, disenchanted with the future. This has completely become reversed for me now. Through several months of introspection, therapy, psycho-magic, and ritualistic release of family trauma, I am ready to plug into the world. and I mean this literally.

This was not a gradual decision; it was almost as if a light switch was turned on in my brain and I became elevated into another sphere whereby I have become an expanded soul, open to everything, everyone and tapped into the the infinite possibilities awaiting around every corner. All genres of music, all colors, sights, sounds, cultures, the world has suddenly appeared to me much larger, brighter and more profoundly beautiful than I thought and I suddenly want to be part of the world. In fact, I just wrote a song with that title, here are the words~

I Want To be Part Of The World

I never had a chance with both feet in the past

I was never on my way to tomorrow

Like a shriveled fetus I was tiny and curled

But now…

I want to be part of the world

This world where I am is not the same as where I’ve been

The ice I stood upon was as thin as a coffin lid

I was a solitary moon orbiting a broken circle

But now…

I want to be part of the world

The joke was on me I’d miss the punchline completely

The future was laughing, but not with me

I was a universe which God had refused to unfurl

But now…

I want to be part of the world

I want you! I didn’t before but now I do

I want you! I hope that means you want me to

I want you! You know I’m not lying, you know its true

That I want to be part of the world

Even if the world is upside down

Even if the world is making me frown

Even if the world doesn’t got my back

Even if the world is smokin’ crack

I want to be part of the world

Allvater by Ludwig Fahrenkrog (1867-1952)

New Album~

This brings me to a very special announcement. Along with this new expansive outlook has come an unstoppable fount of words and songs. I am putting my full energy into writing and recording the next Dalrymple album, along with a new band line-up of 4 highly talented musicians whose mysterious origins and instruments of choice will be announced soon.

What is coming is a funk laden rock odyssey with psych- jazz grooves all tinged with gothic undertones and paying homage to my Detroit high-energy rock and roll heritage. My father was the manager of a Detroit rock band called The Dogs in the 1970’s after all! The Dogs, formed in the late 60's, were part of the Detroit proto-punk high energy, decibal-breaking rock and roll along with Iggy and the stooges, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper and The MC5.

Rather than break my ties to the world where I hail from, I am fully embracing it with wide open arms and an overflowing beaker of inspiration and it turns out that this feels like the absolute right thing to do. My first gigs were performed in Detroit at coffee shops and anarchist co-ops, I would back up my dad with guitar licks as he read his radical political poetry and then I would start playing my own music. These are memories I cherish, so I have decided to return to my first instrument, the electric guitar.

I traded in my Fender Strat for an electric acoustic when I was about 20 years old and so now almost 20 years later, I find myself feeling that I am coming home as I begin to plug in. Here is a snapshot taken by my older brother Shane of a 16 year old Dalrymple, (then known as Dylan Sheets) sitting on his bed, working away at his first album, March To The Sun. released in 2001. This year actually marks the 20th anniversary of the release of my first album. Did I mention I was a total hippie back then? Enormously inspired by Syd Barrett.

2005 Promo shot of my first band Y KILL K. A punk-rock 2 piece comprised of myself and Ritchie Scratch. March To The Sun and Y KILL K are available in my online shop with only about 10 copies of each remaining...

The Craneskin Bag has been a pleasure to curate every month and I am so grateful to all you devoted readers out there. However, I am not going away! As things develop, as the album progresses, as live shows begin once again cropping up and as I begin the process of creating a new website, I will be staying in touch and sending out a newsletter with all manner of musical mayhem and creatively crafted digestible tidbits.

Last Thoughts~

One thing I have learned in this life-span is that there are no absolutes, no matter how hard we try to mortar them into the foundation of our existence. Anytime I have thought in absolutes I find the future was laughing hysterically at my puny futile efforts.

Attempting to fashion a finite framework of reality around me has only led to a complete demolition and disintegration of my feeble construct. For the first time I feel fluid rather than fixed. There is electric energy coursing into my blood stream right now. Please stay with me my friends. What is coming next is unlike anything I have created before. I am with you now more than ever.

Your friend,

Tall and thin,

Through thick and thin once again,


New Moon, May 11th, 2021

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