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Dalrymple is a Chamber-delic Alt-Troubadour Trickster, spinning musical yarns from inside the pages of a mythology gone deliriously mad.

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  From the dawn of his career in Detroit Michigan, singer and multi-instrumentalist Dalrymple has been viewed as both an elusive madcap and an ever-devout scholar of sound. He has been experimenting, innovating and redefining his music for over two decades. Dalrymple has also collaborated and shared the stage in America and Europe with artists such as Terry Riley, Bonnie Prince Billy, Melissa Auf Der Maur, The Edmund Welles Quartet, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum  and Tom Waits’ recording Engineer Oz Fritz. 


   His music ranges far afield in the landscape of sonic exploration, from whimsical interstellar psychedelic balladry, to the etheric, freaky folk reaches of early music’s brocade of gut strings, to Motown induced funk sax screeches, to the theatrical opus of operatic soul.


  For a limited time, Dalrymple is giving away 3 songs from his latest album, Make Believe. Just enter your name and email address further up on this page and presto! You will instantly be transported inside the pocket of a giant’s waistcoat. (yes, some giants wear waistcoats.) 


  “Give me your hand and take this key, here is a door which you have never seen, oh come with me, even you I can Make Believe…” 

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Word on the street is…



“Dalrymple’s vocals echo that indefinable juncture of the natural world and the spiritual realm”

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"Dalrymple’s creativity is as expansive and mighty as an ancient oak. He’s an exquisite raconteur and musician, who welcomes us to saunter upon a path of sound-story wonderment."

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Drag city recording artist 

"A modern bard, who hears the stories told in the rocks, the winds, the waters...

  who gathers magic from olden days and gifts the audience with it."

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