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The 35th biennial Plzen Skupova

Puppetry Festival presents

featured appearance by

Rumpelstilzchen and Dalrymple performing excerpts from,

The Golden Thread. 

June 14th, 2024, 8:00 pm 


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The Golden Thread

A Spirit-Stitch In The Tapestry of Time

Where stories, songs & spells are woven together by the nimble fingers of fate.
Where a cast of otherworldly inhabitants fashion a vivid dream of curious glamour.  And where
just across the glimmering golden veil, your destiny awaits...

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Make Believe

A Fairy Tale For The Jung At Heart

Where six sisters discover their otherworldly origins, where two twins of faerie battle prophecy and where the denizens of forgotten fables find themselves conjured into our world with a purpose that will make you believe...

The Middle Kingdom

A Love Story From Irelands Hidden Past

Where an ancient Irish God returns to earth in search of a Goddess,
where a game of chess decides the fate of a bewildering love triangle and where through jealous sorcery, someone gets turned into a mayfly for far too long...

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Illumination tales

Poetic Magic From Ancient Ireland

Stories and songs of Finn mac Cumhaill
Illumination Tales is based on the Irish mythological hero/poet, Finn mac Cumhaill and his archaic appendage, the thumb of knowledge. 


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Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 9_edited_edite

Award Winning Japanese Storyteller

Dalrymple is a storyteller of singular grace and charm, someone we must embrace and celebrate.

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Oz Fritz
Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer

Some theater offers an Initiation, some seeks to entertain, Dalrymple does both. He very explicitly offers the key to magic.

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Dawn McCarthy
Drag City Recording Artist, Faun Fables

A modern Bard, who hears the stories told in the wind, who gathers magic from olden days and gifts the audience with it.

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